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A message from MedPro Group's CEO, Tim Kenesey

Dear MedPro Group Healthcare Provider Customers:

Nearly all of you are inundated with new challenges – unforeseen and unimaginable by most of us just a few weeks ago. As you address these challenges, know that we are here for you now more than ever, with a steadfast commitment and undiminished ability to deliver the MedPro Group difference: unmatched peace of mind, expertise and choice.

Please note the following steps we’ve taken to help you through this crisis:

  • We’ve postponed the due dates for outstanding premium payments until June 30th

  • We’ve developed an FAQ document to address the most common questions we’re receiving and are updating it regularly here

  • We’ve built a list of authoritative risk resources that can also be accessed here

  • We’ve successfully transitioned our ~1100 employees to a work-from-home model so you should experience the same high level of service you’ve come to expect

If you have coverage, billing, clinical risk, or other questions about your policy, please call us at the following number or contact your agent/broker.

TEL  800.463.3776


MedPro Group was founded over a century ago on the belief that those who protect others shouldn’t have to worry if they themselves are protected. We recognize that today we are in an unprecedented fight, with many of you on the front line. As you fight this great fight, do so knowing we are there for you with unmatched strength and stability to defend and support you.

Every MedPro teammate is honored to support your efforts. I recently wrote the following to our MedPro team: “my admiration, respect and awe for our healthcare providers continues to grow – even more so now as so many put themselves at personal risk of exposure in the service of others. What a calling! And what an honor to serve those who serve others!”


Timothy J. Kenesey


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